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Ouray Main Street Inn Pet Policies*

We love your creatures! Occasionally, though, we’ve had some unfortunate troubles. So for the peace and comfort of ALL of our guests, you agree to...


  • Declare any and all pets before checking in to your room.  

  • A limit of 2 pets, and to a pet fee of $25 per pet for the first night, $10 per pet per night thereafter for declared pets ($60 cap per week per pet).  $150 per pet for undeclared pets. No fees for Service Animals but they must be declared. 

  • Use sanitized pet sheet(s) provided by Main Street Inn to cover bedspreads, sofas, and futons; OR agree to additional $35 laundering fee to remove pet hair or pet stains from bedspreads and sofa/futon covers. 

  • Text 970.316.1178 if your pets are not yet declared and we’ll bring your pet sheet(s).

  • Clean up after your pet(s) with pet pick-up bags available outside the front door, and agree to not allow pets to do their business on balconies, decks, or porches.

  • Not leave pets unattended on the grounds.

  • Leave the Inn a working cell phone number if leaving a pet unattended in your room, and be prepared to return immediately if your pet is disturbing other guests, and agree to pay up to additional $250 fee and/or vacate without refund for noncompliance at the Inn’s discretion in order that we can provide refunds as needed to disturbed guests.

  • Report pet-accidents on balcony/deck/porch or inside the room immediately so the Inn can see to the issue before stains set in and/or carpets, bedding, or furniture become ruined.

  • Pay for any cleaning and/or repair costs associated with stains or damage caused by my pet(s) or my non-use of pet-sheets, and agree that such charges, as determined by Main Street Inn, will be charged to my credit card on file.


*Policies also apply to Service and Emotional Support Animals

Mesha and her  peeps

Enzo and one of his peeps
















































Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola and her peeps

L-R Charlie, Zoey (2 months) , Turbo, Missy, and their peeps

Look!  Our sweet ferret friends, Loki & Oliver


Practically Twins

Hoobie & Dasha frolicking on one of our Main Street Inn pet sheets

Dog Virus: We Lysol-Sanitize Every Room.

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